wireless problem windows 7 | Fix Windows was unable to connect WiFi Hotspot

More details here: https://goo.gl/jBA7r2 This video will help you to connect to your WiFi router, if you changed the router’s password only.
. In regular case, when you try to connect to a network, the option to enter the password will appear. But if you change the WIFI password only ( without changing SSID or WiFi Name ), you can’t connect to your Wireless. You may get an error message ‘windows was unable to connect to the network’. You can not enter the new password for the wireless easily. The pop up menu for entering the password will not appear on your computer.
To solve this problem, try this and you can connect easily.
The windows remember the Wireless Password and your router’s SSID. When you change the router password only, the windows will still try the old password that previously saved. So you have to remove the previously connected wireless network from ‘Manage network’ area. Otherwise, you have to change the saved password from wireless networks security property tab. Watch this video for details.

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Windows không thể kết nối với mạng wifi: Làm thế nào để gõ mật khẩu WiFi? : Không thể kết nối vào mạng
Windows无法连接到WiFi网络:如何输入WiFi密码? :无法连接到网络
Windows was niet in staat om verbinding te maken met wifi-netwerk: Hoe WiFi-wachtwoord in te voeren? : Kan geen verbinding maken met het netwerk
Windows n’a pas pu se connecter au réseau wifi: Comment taper le mot de passe WiFi? : Impossible de se connecter au réseau
Windows konnte keine Verbindung zum Wifi-Netzwerk herstellen: Wie kann ich WiFi-Kennwort eingeben? : Kann keine Verbindung zum Netzwerk herstellen
WindowsがWiFiネットワークに接続できませんでした:WiFiパスワードを入力するには? :ネットワークに接続できません
Windows에서 Wi-Fi 네트워크에 연결할 수 없음 : WiFi 암호를 입력하는 방법 : 네트워크에 연결할 수 없습니다.
Windows non è in grado di connettersi alla rete Wi-Fi: come tipo di password WiFi? : Impossibile connettersi alla rete
Windows, не удалось подключиться к сети Wi-Fi: Как набрать WiFi пароль? : Не удается подключиться к сети
Windows ni uspel povezati z omrežjem Wi-Fi: Kako vnesti WiFi geslo? : Ne morem se povezati z omrežjem

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