windows 10 new features in hindi, Top amanzing features, Windows 10 Review in hindi

windows 10 new features in hindi.
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Ready, set, Start menu:
The Start menu is back—and it’s more personal, more organized, and more fun than before.
Select the Start Start icon button on the taskbar. You’ll find your most used apps on the left, the All apps list, and shortcuts to other locations on your PC, like File Explorer and Settings.
Get apps, music, and more:
The Store is a one-stop shop for music, videos, games, and apps.

Try out an app before you buy it, or pick a free one. Your Windows 10 apps will work on all your Windows 10 devices.
Cortana can get it done:
Cortana, your personal assistant, is right on your desktop. Ask her to set up a meeting or send an email to a friend. She can even find your files for you and tell you jokes. Select the search box and type what you want Cortana to do, or just select the microphone to talk with her instead.
Rule the web with Microsoft Edge:
Microsoft Edge is the first browser that lets you take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages. Use the reading list reading list icon to save your favorite articles for later, then read them in reading view reading view icon. Hover over open tabs to preview them, and bring your favorites and reading list with you when you use Microsoft Edge on another device. Plus, Cortana is built in to Microsoft Edge to help you do things faster and easier.
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