Windows 10 Creators Update Problems, Privacy Invasion & Petition for Change

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update today that includes a lot of cool new features but also still presents some concerns ranging from changing default settings back to Microsoft products and undoing all of your privacy settings. There is also the issue of MS lying about the information they are collecting not being personally identifiable.

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▼ Question & Answer ▼
Q) I was able to preserve my default settings.
A) If you change the selection during the upgrade you can hit the default action is to reset them which is wrong. The default action should be to leave them alone and MICROSOFT knows this! If you click next you fly by it.

Q) Would you make videos like this if you still work for Microsoft?
A) No, Microsoft has a strict policy preventing any employee from speaking out against the company or any of their policies publicly while you’re working for them. A simple social media post can get you fired. While working there they saw one of my private Facebook posts complaining about Xbox Live customer support and I got talked to by my skip level manager and told I had to delete it and if I posted negative stuff again I would be terminated.

Q) Has MICROSOFT talked to you about these videos?
A) They used to engage me on social media but they were told to ignore me claiming I was just a minor annoyance.

Q) Aren’t you scared of MICROSOFT suing you?
A) MICROSOFT can’t sue me for having an opinion, and honestly if they did sue me then I would be all over the media and my videos would go super viral and it would be really bad for them. It’s easier for them to just ignore me since right now only a small fraction of their users see my videos where as a law suit would expose me to their entire user base over night.

Q) Why do you hate MICROSOFT so much?
A) I don’t hate Microsoft, I actually like the software that they produce and loved the company for most of my career. What I don’t like is the companies policies that pretend to care about privacy and customer trust when they are doing everything to damage it. Microsoft used to condemn other companies for what it actively is doing under Satya’s command. I honestly would love to see MICROSOFT return to trustworthy computing and putting the customer first and focusing on their strengths instead of copying the competition and being even dirtier in their tactics. I might dreaming thinking I can make a difference but with you and everyone else reading this our voices can be heard. Microsoft can only screw people if they can’t see them doing it. When it becomes hugely public they will play it off as a ‘big’ claiming they didn’t mean to do it and fix it. But, results are results.
**Help stop Microsoft Windows 10 Privacy Invasion by signing this petition**


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