Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Official Release): Hands-on with new Features & Changes

This hands-on review of Windows 10 Anniversary Update walks you through all the new features & changes on the official release of Windows 10.
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Here’s the list of everything this Windows 10 AU officila release review covers:

Start menu improvements (begining)
– Brand new Start menu design

Tablet mode improvements (@ 2:17)
– Brand new Start screen design

Cortana improvements (@ 5:00)
– Cortana above the Lock screen
– Sync notifications between Phone and PC
– Create Cortana reminders with images
– Create Cortana reminders with shared links
– Cortana can now identify playing song

Taskbar improvements (@ 11:45)
– Badge notifications for taskbar buttons
– New time flyout with Calendar integration
– Select audio output from volume menu

Action Center features and changes (@ 15:40)
– Action Center new users interface
– Rich notification with hero image and reply to SMS from your PC
– Set notification priority
– Rearrange Quick Actions buttons
– Add or remove quick action buttons
– Universal dismiss

Microsoft Edge and Extensions (@ 19:25)
– Support for extensions
– New Microsoft Edge settings
– Microsoft Edge new about:flags options including TCP Fast Open
– Pin tabs
– Windows Hello for websites

Windows Ink features and changes (@ 30:50)
– Windows Ink Workspace
– Sticky Notes
– Sketchpad
– Screen sketch

Settings app featurres and changes (@ 39:28)
– Settings app has been overhauled with a lot of new features and changes
– New white background, icon for each page, and faster access to options thanks to search

– System Apps & features Advanced options Reset
– Notifications & actions.
– Battery Battery usage by apps, we now have Managed by Windows.
– Storage C: Temporary files, delete previous version of Windows, no more Disk Cleanup
– Project to PC allows you to remote access PC and Phones using the Connect app
– Devices Pen & Windows Ink.
– Network Status page
– No more sharing network settings with contacts
– Mobile Hotspot
– Personalization Colors, show color on title bar, and Dark mode for apps
– Personalization Taskbar
– Accounts Your info
– Emails & apps account
– Privacy General, two new options, but they are still unclear
– Update & security Windows Update, Active hours
– Windows Defender
– – Limited Periodic Scanning
– – Windows Defender Offline
– – Enhance notifications
– Update & security Refresh Windows Tool to clean install Windows 10
– Update & security Activation, new Activation Troubleshooter tool to reactivate Windows 10 after hardware change
– Update & security For developers, new settings
– Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10
Update & security Windows Insider Program has been moved to the main page.

Windows Store features and changes (@ 1:04:00)
– New user interface and new features

Windows Hello and Windows 10 apps on Xbox One (@ 1:07:00)

Skype Preview (@ 1:08:00)

Win10 AU
Windows 10 Summer Update
Windows 10 version 1607
Windows 10 build 14393.x
Windows 10 AU


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