Download WinAntiRansom Plus V 4.4 Total Ransomware Protection

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WinAntiRansom Plus employs a multi-layered defense to protect your computer and your valuable data from Ransomware attacks. At the core of WinAntiRansom Plus is our powerful artificial intelligence engine that detects Ransoware better than any other product on the market. The features include the following: PreEmptive Strike – the work horse of our engine and feature that blocks Ransomware before it can encrypt your data. SafeZone – a part of our layered security.

SafeZone is a folder of your choice where you can store important data and then specify which programs have access. Any program not on the approved list is blocked from accessing the data. Network/Share Lockdown – ransomware typically looks for networked and shared folder first when encrypting data. We give you the ability to specify which programs are allowed to access your share and your network. If it isn’t on the list, it’s blocked.

Registry Protection – WinAntiRansom Plus automatically protects hundreds of system critical registry keys. In addition to that, we allow you to protect any keys desire. Then, if a program is on the allowed list, they can’t change those registry keys. File/Folder Access History – see which files/folders non-whitelisted programs are touching on your computer. Please note, only non-whitelisted program access is logged here.

VirusTotal Integration – have questions or concerns about a program? Simply highlight it and select VirusTotal from the menu in our to view a full VirusTotal report on that file. Our Artificial Intelligence engine is capable of blocking most Malware and Zero Day Threats in addition to Ransomware. In fact, the engine is so powerful that blocks Ransomware it’s never seen before, Ransomware we have yet to see in our labs. Get tomorrow’s protection today with WinAntiRansom.

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Main Features of WinAntiRansom Plus 

PreEmptive Strike

The first line of defense! Blocks Ransomware BEFORE it encrypts your files!


Second line of defense, protecting your SafeZone files from any unknown programs.

Network/Share Lockdown

WinAntiRansom Plus protects shared/network drives. This include wireless hard drives.

Protected Registry

The registry contains the keys to the castle. Don’t let Ransomware do as it pleases.

File/Folder Access

Ever wonder what files or folders programs access? The File/Folder Access page shows you this for all non-whitelisted programs.

Super Easy Configuration

You spoke, we listened. Configuration is simpler and more powerful than ever!

Download WinAntiRansom –  Plus v 2016.4.428.0


1. Unpack and install

2. Close program

3. Open installation directory and rename Ruiware.WAR.Arsenal.dll to Ruiware.WAR.Arsenal1.dll

4. Open crack folder and copy Ruiware.WAR.Arsenal.dll to installation directory

5. Done.