The BEST Windows 10 Antivirus Software 2016


In this tutorial I am going to show you the best antivirus software to use with Windows 10 in 2016.

You may or may not know but Windows 10 includes a built-in antivirus software solution. It is called Microsoft Windows Defender.

To access it:

– Go to Start & Settings
– Click Windows & Security
– Click Windows Defender
– Scroll to the bottom and open the console

Windows free anti-virus software is available on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

As an IT professional with over 15 years experience my advice is not to use it. Microsoft is not a security company. They create applications and operating systems and don’t specialize in protecting against malware or viruses.

Instead a product that I would recommend is one called ESET Anti-Virus. Here is the link

Now we are an IT services company and we’ve used ESET for our clients PCs for over 10 years and the best testimonial i can give for ESET is that out of the hundreds of computers that we’ve maintained we have had very few virus problems if any. One of the great things about ESET also is it doesn’t slow a computer down like some third-party anti-virus systems. You don’t even know that it is running in the background and protects you really well online. It also has built-in parental control.

Go to the ESET web page and there are a couple of products available. For home you can get the ‘Smart Security’ which includes a firewall. If you’ve got a business and more than five computers then I would recommend the ESET Endpoint Security over the anti-virus. Again it has a built-in firewall so for me that is the best anti-virus for Windows 10.

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