New: Fix Internet | Connecting and Disconnecting Problem – (Solved)

Here is the method on how to fix your internet connection from “disconnecting and reconnecting” issue.
Before you perform the said tutorial on the video. Please make sure to do this:

1. Check the cable if there’s a tear on it.
2. Try to use another internet, cable (utp), most of the cases are cable itself.
3. Check the motherboard if it’s clogged with dust. Clean it thoroughly.
4. Reset the motherboard by removing the bios battery for about 10 minutes. This will remove excess powder and refresh the board to its default state.
5. If you above method is not working, then you may proceed to the video tutorial to fix the issue.

– Here is the step.

-Go to “Network and Sharing Center”
-Choose “Change Adapter Settings”
-Right click the “Local Area Network” and select “Properties”
-Select “Configure”
-Click the “Advanced” Tab
-Under “Property” select “Speed & Duplex”
-Set the “Value” to “10 Mbps half duplex” or play with other values.


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