iMESSAGE FOR PC & Windows 2018 100% Tested

iMESSAGE FOR PC & Windows 2017 100% Tested



Apple has always tried to be one step ahead. But being one step ahead doesn’t always mean getting there first.

I remember predictive text on an old Nokia phone and how frustrating it was to not have a proper keyboard. And then came the iPhone, ‘Messages’ and piece by piece the iMessage application we know today that is constantly being updated amidst fierce competition.

iMESSAGE FOR PC & Windows 2017 100% Tested


iMessage is a pretty simple premise. It’s SMS, messages between you and your contacts, although, in reality, it’s so much more than that.

iMessages brings you closer together with the people you love and care about, utilizing either a standard phone signal or data, through 3G/4G or wifi. Wherever you are, iMessages allows you to get in touch with the people you want to be in touch with.

But the great thing about all Mac apps is that whatever you have on your iPhone, you have on your Laptop/Desktop machine too. That makes staying in contact especially handy.

But the real power of iMessage is with Apple itself. Whatever competitor there is to iMessages you can be sure that Apple are going to up their game and give you an experience you can’t quite get anywhere else.

And why’s that? Because messages mean attention.

That’s right.

If one single app is the place where you keep in touch with all of your favorite people then that app and that company is getting your attention for a large portion of the day. That attention will, in ways you may not be able to see directly, turn into money for somebody, somewhere along the chain.

But before we talk about why iMessage is so powerful, let’s answer the question you really want to know.

iMESSAGE FOR PC & Windows 2017 100% Tested


Sometimes it’s best to just be straightforward.

You want to download iMessage for PC.

Well, you can’t get iMessage on your PC. At all.

There may be ways you can crowbar the software onto a PC but the truth is you have to ask yourself why?

If what you want is to keep in touch with family and friends then whatever device you’re using will have some kind of native application that will do the job very well. Whatsapp is comfortably the biggest competitor to iMessage and you can get that for Android or on your PC. Check out the article here for details.

There are a few apps that claim to simulate iPads or iPhones on a PC but, again, you have to just ask what single feature is so important to you with iMessage that you can’t just use a different piece of software.

Why are we saying this? Simple. Lots of sites across the internet want your attention too and to get it they promise things that cannot or should not really happen. If you’re here to download iMessage on a PC then listen to us – don’t.


Because it’s Apple, iMessage isn’t just about sending a simple message. You can connect in so much more ways that reflect the way you really feel.

You can send a sketch, drawn right onto the screen.

You can send emojis that animate as they’re read.

And with the incredible Apple Watch extension, you can even send your heartbeat though I wonder if that’s really more than a cute gimmick. It might be a little much if your partner kept demanding you send your heartbeat every 5 minutes!

iMessage also works beautifully with a host of other apps which means you can share songs and gifts and more without ever leaving iMessage.


Well, the catch is pretty big since you’re here for an article about download iMessage for PC.

If you want iMessage then you’ll need an iOS device or a Mac laptop or desktop machine. iMessage is designed to run natively within Apple products so if you want to download iMessage for PC… you can’t.

However, it all depends on what you really want. If you want iMessage, it won’t happen on a PC but if you want a great messaging service then there are many options, the best of all being Whatsapp for Android and PC.


Like we said, you can’t. Your options are pretty straightforward. You can get a Mac, get an iPhone or get a different piece of messaging software. And we’re not saying that to put you off iMessage, we’re saying that to give you the right information straight up.

Our job here is to get you making good choices, not just the easiest one. In the end, trying to get a piece of software onto your machine that won’t work is a waste of your time… and we don’t want to waste your time!

So, if you’re not willing to take the plunge and go Apple then we recommend looking again at Whatsapp for PC

Because remember, all apps are really just there to fulfill a need. What’s the need here?


Speaking to people who aren’t in the same room as you, sending little messages and updates on your day. All the features in the world won’t change the fact that you want the most convenient and effective solution to keep your connections going!

And right now, if you want iMessage for PC… it won’t do that for you.

So ask yourself what you want. If it is the software, get a new machine. If it’s the connection then look at your options and, ideally, look again at our excellent article on Whatsapp for PC.

Being able to have your Whatsapp messages on PC or Android at the same time means you can seamlessly carry on chats when you’re at work and you can video call from the same app with an end to end encryption that’s going to keep your precious secrets all wrapped up!

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