I Upgraded my Laptop Hard Drive to an SSD (Crucial MX300 525GB) – How much faster is it now?

Does your computer take forever to boot into Windows? Do programs take way too long to load? It’s no secret that swapping out your current mechanical hard drive for an SSD is a great solution to this problem. But just how much of a difference are we talking about? In this video I swap the 1TB 5400RPM mechanical hard drive that came with my HP Pavilion Laptop with a 525GB Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive and show you just how much more quickly my laptop boots. If you’re looking to make your computer run better than when it was new you’ll want to check this out. 🙂

Windows 10 Installer download – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

If you’d like to purchase the Crucial MX300 525GB like I use in this video… you can check it out on Amazon.com at the following link…


–Time Stamps–

0:00 – Beginning of Video
0:31 – Welcome to Maraksot’s Reviews & How To’s
0:56 – My Laptop
1:18 – “Fine” isn’t good enough for me! 🙂
1:38 – Solid State Drives, AKA SSD’s
2:08 – Mechanical Hard Drive Boot time and Load Chrome
3:49 – Crucial MX300 525GB SSD
4:13 – Clone existing drive or Install a Fresh copy of Windows
4:47 – Swapping out HDD for SSD
5:23 – Installing Windows 10
5:56 – SSD Boot time and Load Chrome
6:55 – Video Conclusion, Like & Subscribe 🙂

–Music used in this video–

“Foundation” by Vibe Tracks from the YouTube Creator Studio music library


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