Get a Cheap Copy of Windows 10 Here:

You guys requested this numerous times, so here it is…. the full Tech YES City how to optimize (optimise) windows 10 Anniversary Edition for gamers and power users.

APPs and Features to uninstall that are included in the anniversary update (on top of the previous windows 10 optimization guide).
3D Builder / App Installer / Bing Provided Search / Feedback Bub / Get Office / Get Started / Microsoft Solitaire / Paid Wifi & Mobile / Phone / Skype Preview.

Control paste this to disable xbox GAMEDVR app permenantly –
Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage

For Win 10 Home users, you can get the disable Cortana reg hack here –

The Website to get your installer package from:

**Also there are still live tiles which you can disable the service from the registry, though it will disable your start bar and also some icons will go crazy**

Previous Optimization Guide for Windows 10 here, which includes some cool tweaks and what not –

**Also if you still get the green dvr box in games, then you can head into regedit and search for “AppCaptureEnabled” in find and change the value of the key to 0 and also the one below it “AudioCaptureEnabled” Change that to 0 too.**


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