How to Fix the Black Screen After Sleep Issues in Windows 10

Some times when the computer has been inactive over a certain period of time, windows automatically go to sleep mode Even after altering the sleep mode settings and removing the inactivity time,people have still marked these measures as ineffective. It is due to the new feature Windows introduced for the versions 8, 8.1 and 10 called Hybrid Shutdown. The idea of it is to minimize shutdown and booting time by hibernating the kernel session, as opposed to completely shutting it down. However, there are still some bugs and errors in the feature, which lead to the shutdown process not being completed and result in the computer freezing.

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This video we will look about this problem and how to fix this problem and how prevent windows from this problem.

1. Turn of Hibernation
turn off the hibernation mode windows never to to Hibernat / sleep mode and you didn’t face any black screen.

2. Turn off Fast Startup

3. Make changes on network settings

4. Reinstall your display adapter driver
If the display driver is outdated or not compatible with Windows 10, it may cause the black screen on Windows 10 after update.

5. Make sure windows have latest updates installed

6. Check hard disk for errors
One more cause for this issue could just be random data corruption on the hard disk preventing it from going to sleep properly!

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