How to fix blue screen error, system Crash and Auto Restart in windows 10 , 8.1 and 7

BSOD Windows 10 and 8.1 refers to the screen color which turns totally blue excluding few lines of error message written in between. Nowadays Windows 10 is manifesting this error to the mass number of users and you call it Blue Screen of Death. They face the error in either of the four different situations – While upgrading, While Booting, the error hinder the laptop to be accessed and while working.

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After install update or upgrade to windows 10 you may face computer crashes and freezes continuously, or your system automatically Reboot itself with showing Blue screen with some Error Code.
The Issue Mostly Encountered by the users were incompatibility of Hardware and Installed Driver. Because initially they were Designed to Run on your orginal windows before upgrading and after the upgrade they transited permanently into windows 10

This is by far the most common Cause of Random Hangs , Freezes and Blue Screen on Windows system.

Here are some Tips To Fix This Problem with Avoid this in feature.

Starting from Basic Troubleshooting first login your system on to Safe mode and

1. Delete Temp / Junk files
2. Perform Advance Disk Cleanup
3. Adjut the virtual memroy
4. Run System Maintenance Tool
5. Run Memory diagnostic Tool
6. Defragment your system Drive
7. Turn off Link State power Management
8. Update Graphic driver
9. Disable Unnecessary Services
10. Install And Scan your system with latset Antivirus / Antimalware tool
11. Use System optimizer tools like ccleaner to repaire broken registry entries.

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