How to configure DHCP Reservation- Windows Server 2012 R2

How to configure DHCP Reservation- Windows Server 2012 R2 In this video we have explained the steps of configuring DHCP Reservation on Windows Server 2012 R2.

DHCP Reservation is used when you want to assign static IP Address to client computer through DHCP Server.


Hello Friends, welcome back to ProHut IT Services. In this video, we’ll learn about DHCP Reservation.

What is DHCP Reservation and why and why do we need it.

As we know that DHCP is used to assign dynamic IP addresses to client computers. DHCP assign IPs on first come first serve basis. That means any computer that approaches DHCP first would get first available IP address.

Let’s take an example. If we have a DHCP Server in an environment and few client machines that are supposed to receive IP Address from DHCP Server. In this case DHCP will assign IP on first come first serve basis.

By doing basic configuration in DHCP, you cannot force a computer to receive a specific IP address.

With the help of reservation, you can force client computer to receive specific IP address.

Let’s take a real life example to make it more clear. If you are planning to watch a movie and book movie ticket for two people. That booking is actually a reservation of two seats in the theater.

That means two seats are reserved for you.

You can book a ticket for me too, if you want…. Just kidding friends.

In a similar way you can reserve an IP Address for client computer by defining the same in DHCP Server.

To start with DHCP Reservation, click on Start, click on down arrow. Select DHCP.

This will open DHCP Server console.

Expand Server name, expand IPv4, expand scope.

Click on Address Pool.

In Address Pool, we can see that scope of DHCP is defined from to

Click on Address Leases. It will show the IPs that are assigned to client computers.

We can see that IP Address is assigned to Win8-01 machine and IP Address is assigned to Win8-02 machine.

Click on Reservation to reserve an IP Address for client computer.

Before we start reserving an IP Address for client computer, we need client’s MAC Address to map it with and IP Address.

To know IP Address of client computer, let’s go to client machine and identify MAC Address.

We are on client machine now.

Open command prompt and type getmac. It will give mac address of your computer. Please make note of this MAC Address. WE need to map it with an IP Address on DHCP Server.

Let’s go back to DHCP.

WE are on DHCP Server now.

Right click on Reservation and click on New Reservation.

Type Reservation Name. It’s good to define client machine name as Reservation name. In this scenario, client machine name is win8-01.

Type IP Address that you want to assign to your client machine. We’ll assume for this practical.

And most importantly, type MAC address of client machine.

Click on Add and close the window.

Expand Reservation. WE can see that reservation is created for our client machine.

Click on Address leases and refresh the window.

We can see that an old IP Address is deleted automatically but reservation is still showing as inactive.

WE’ll come back to this in a while. Let’s go back to client machine to verify if it has received new reserved IP or not.

We are on client machine now.

Type ipconfig /release to release an existing IP address.

Now type ipconfig /renew to receive new reserved IP Address from DHCP Server.

Great, as we can see that, our client is assigned with new IP Address i.e.

It shows that our reservation is successful.

Let’s go back to DHCP server and verify reservation there.

WE are on DHCP Server now.

Make sure you have selected Address Leases. Refresh the window again.

Great, we can see that reservation is changed to active because client machine is assigned with new reserved IP Address.

Please don’t forget to watch next video on reservation, we’ll cover very important concept of Reservation. For sure, It will help you a lot in an interview.

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