Fix Hmm We Can’t Reach This Page Error In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser is a brand new entrance by Microsoft inside the world of browsers. It was a long awaited browser by Windows users as they were extremely disappointed by the performance of Internet Explorer.

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While the browser regularly receives new features, and stability improvements, there are still some issues that bother users even today,
One of the problems that has been present since the earliest versions of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge is the error message “Hmm, we can’t reach this page,” which prevents users from connecting to certain webpages.

When all of your apps and other browsers can detect that you’re connected to the Internet except Microsoft Edge, then you may need to perform some extra troubleshooting.

Steps To fix Hmm, we can’t reach this page” error in Microsoft Edge.

Correct Proxy Settings:
Any misconfiguration in your proxy settings will result many connectivity problems. It may totally restrict microsoft edge, windows store from accessing public internet. So, To “fix can’t reach this page” in edge, You should check your proxy settings to know if it is ok.

Open windows Services and Make sure that the DNS client service is running.

Change DNS server addresses from Network Adapter properties.

Temporarily Disable Security Programs Like Antivirus security.

Change your network type to Public/Private

If not of this work then Reset Edge Browser to its Default settings : ( check how to Reset edge Browser to default settings :

These are some good methods to fix Fix Hmm We Can’t Reach this Page Error In Microsoft Edge. if you have any query or suggestion you can comment bellow.

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