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Download Watch Now

Pretty much all forms of modern entertainment come through the use of technology, regardless of whether we are talking about the radio, TV, PC or console.

If you’re a fan of watching videos, movies or shoes on your screen, you’ve probably had your moments when you’ve fallen into the trap of always cycling through the same videos, or at least the same genres, resulting in you losing interest in the topic.

If that has happened to you, then you might as well try an app through which you can watch random videos that are entertaining, and from a variety of categories, an app like Watch Now.

Click, open and start viewing

The app itself takes away your ability to control much of your viewing experience, which can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on how you see it.

If you’re trapped in the cycle of viewing the same videos over and over, this is good since you will always get to see fresh content every time, with the only controllable element being the video category.

However, if you like to view certain videos, then you might as well try downloading a different app since this isn’t the one for you.

Good video quality and a few neat features

The app offers support for HD videos, you can use it to cast the content on a smart TV, and it also offers fullscreen support.

More so, the app automatically pauses the videos when you switch tabs or minimize it to the taskbar, allowing you never to miss a single second or whatever you were watching in case something else arises.

One feature that is lacking is the ability to efficiently select videos from a series and play them one after the other, or at least start with the first of a series, so if you ever find a series that catches your eye, you have to manually track it on YouTube afterward.

A good video experience for those seeking to broaden their viewing palette

Watch Now takes away your ability to control what you watch, thus freeing you from the same viewing rut you may be stuck in for some time now. The app is simple and easy to use, making it great for those who just want to watch something without fussing over exactly what.

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