Download Log Analytics Sense Standard Edition 3.0 Build 0359

Download Log Analytics Sense Standard Edition 3.0 Build 0359

Log Analytics Sense is a comprehensive log analysis application which allows you to generate reports based on the observation of raw log files. The program supports analyzing logs originating from various types of websites, media, proxies and FTP servers. The tool provides desktop-based log analysis.

User-friendly log analysis tool

Log Analytics Sense allows you to perform thorough analysis processes for one or several profiles that you can customize. Each profile relies on a location, such as a Web server or a media server log file.

A new profile can be assigned an existing location or you may create a specialized one, within a few seconds. You need to specify the type of server you are monitoring and the log format: Web, media, proxy, FTP or mail servers. Moreover, you need to indicate the path of the log files, which can be a local directory, a folder in the network, an FTP/HTTP server or a database.

Parse information from log files

Log Analytics Sense can easily acquire the updates recorded in the log file you attach to a particular profile. You may view the interactive reports, export them in HTML format, as well as transfer the significant log information to a database.

The program can sort the analysis information into categories and allows you to easily view them from a tree structure. You may select any of the nodes to view the details in the designated area. The categories include visitor trends, request trends, page access, location of the visitors, entry/exit points, referrer statistics, search engines, top level domains, user agent statistics or activity records.

Quickly export the selected data

Log Analytics Sense allows you to save the results of the global analysis to a local file, but it also enables you to export only fragments of the reports. You may right-click on any item displayed in the details table area to access the specialized options, as well as to copy the information to the clipboard.

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