Download AdES Toolset 1

Download AdES Toolset 1

Note: The evaluation version allows you to use any of the AdES Toolset in your apps or for C++ source code licensing, and in order to gain the unlimited commercial license, you must contact the developer himself.

In a world where files are shared constantly over the Internet, Intelectual Property theft is common, especially in the digital world, where protecting one’s files has become almost of necessity.

The best way to protect a file is through the use of a digital signature, which is a digital code which is attached to an electronically transmitted document to verify its contents and the sender’s identity, thus verifying that a file is truly yours.

For those of you who’d like to start securing their files, AdES Toolset is a great solution to start with.

An easy-to-use UI

The program is pretty straightforward once you realize what all the buttons do; all you need is to browse a file that you need encrypting and then just choose the type of digital signature that you want to apply.

However, if you are dealing with files that already have digital signatures, you can use AdES Toolset just as well to modify them.

A plethora of digital signatures that are in keeping with EU standards

The toolset supports CadES, PAdES, XAdES, ASiC, MIME-AdES and HTML-AdES. It can sign most XML files (XAdES) , most PDF files (PAdES) and any sort of file with CAdES, ASiC or S/MIME up to CAdES-XL and up to XAdES-T levels.

All of these profiles define the way that certificates, CLRs, timestamps, etc. are added to the standard CMS or XML signatures, and are all profiles that are valid in the EU.

All of these signatures can be customized at will, allowing further customization than what other similar tools might offer.

Efficiently secure your files

AdES Toolset is considerably easier to use than all other digital signing tools, as all operations involve mostly browsing, dragging and dropping, thus making a seemingly complex operation achievable even by common users.

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