Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List

Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro serial key

Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List is brought to the market by the company who introduced PDF in the first place. This is the reason why all PDF reader and editors are judged against Adobe’s standard application. Because of rising start-ups and the competitive market, there are applications in the market that are considerably cheaper than what Adobe has to offer. So the issue of the value for money of Adobe’s flagship product came to light.

Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List

PDF Creator

The application is used mainly in opening and viewing PDF files. However, Acrobat XI Pro crack is able to create PDF files. This is done through two methods:

  1. Print a document as a PDF file.
  2. Through in-application buttons in MS Office

In the second approach, there are additional options incorporated in each component of MS Office like merging of multiple emails, pages into a single PDF document and also link preservation.

Advanced Functions

Some advanced features included in this edition of Acrobat are:

  • Ability to add digital signatures to documents
  • ID certification to protect unauthorized tampering of documents
  • Convenient reviewing and commenting on documents
  • Creation of form fields in documents

Improved Editing

The editing tools and functions offered by the app have been considerably improved. Among them are the following:

  • Edit line texts.
  • Text blocks can be added, moved and resized at will.
  • Ability to reflow texts within a page or document.
  • Images embedded can be modified easily.
  • Edit font attributes.
  • Line spacing options for vertical and horizontal instances.
  • Modify spacing for characters.
  • Convenient find text function.
  • Helpful replace feature.
  • Save and export custom tool settings.
  • Download and use customized sets and friends.
  • Preview function during merging.
  • Rearrange pages easily before combining them.
  • Remove highly sensitive details in documents.
  • Choose only specific pages within a document for merging.
  • Convert PDF files into PowerPoint editable presentations.
  • Convert PDF files into one or more HTML pages.
  • Access and save documents safely in cloud storages.
  • Powerful password security feature.

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements to run and operate Acrobat XI Pro:

  • Processor speed of 1.3GHz or more
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008 operating systems
  • Mac OS X 10.7.2, 10.6.4, 10.8
  • 512MB available RAM
  • 85GB available disk capacity

Pricing Comparison

Here is the comparison of prices across the available versions of Acrobat XI:

  • Acrobat XI Standard at 300 Euros.
  • Acrobat XI Pro Student and Teacher at 75 Euros.
  • Acrobat XI Pro at 17.75 Euros per month.


In Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, editing functions and tools are conveniently placed within the new editing tool. The PDF editing features are located here for easy access such as text editing, resizing and cropping of images and many more.

Users are also able to export whole PDF files or only selected content into MS Office formats like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These exports are all done while preserving the quality and formatting from the source file.


SharePoint integration is now improved in Acrobat XI Pro. This makes it more convenient to work within a SharePoint setting, freely accessing and uploading files in it.

Approval requirements in document workflow are now also improved with the use of digital signatures. This can also save paper in printing and signing physical documents for approval processes.


  • Convenient merging capabilities while preserving settings and formatting.
  • Easy formatting and editing tools for minor amendments.
  • Improved Action Wizard automates repetitive tasks and procedures.
  • The touch feature is now available for the convenience of use in mobile devices.


  • Text adjustments are too simple compared to other alternative applications.
  • Find and replace functions can only be done one at a time.
  • Complicated formatting can only be done one at a time within separate text boxes and fields in the document.

Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List

The Verdict

Adobe Acrobat xi Pro Serial Number List is a powerful PDF reader and creator. It has a ton of reviewing, editing, merging and creation capabilities that are helpful in most settings. With the set of functions offered by the package, it will be easy to find a place for it within specific work styles and flows. However, most of the features included in the app are also available in alternatives and competitors in the market at considerably lower prices which definitely need to be taken into account.

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