7 free antimalware tools for Windows XP to protect your old PC

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Panda Pro

Panda incorporates a nice interface alongside some handy features which makes it included on our list for free anti malware for Windows XP.

The tool scored excellently well in AV-Test, although below solutions such as Kaspersky and Avast. However, Panda Pro simplifies real-time protection for Windows XP users through its intuitive user interface.

In addition, Panda incorporates a VPN which is limited to 150MB daily.

Panda Pro is compatible with most Windows versions and lightweight in size with quick install time.

However, Panda Pro is available as a free anti malware solution for a period of 30-days prior to subscription. This makes it ideal for Windows XP users to evaluate its functionalities prior to subscription.

Download Panda Pro

In conclusion, all the tools we mentioned above are free anti malware for Windows XP computers.

While some of the antimalware are not totally free they come with a free trial period for you to test their services before committing to a premium plan, while the rest are totally free to use.