5 best backup software by Microsoft to keep your data safe

backup software by Microsoft

Paragon Backup & Recovery

While all the above have their advantages and disadvantages, when it comes to fully protect your data, there is no easy-to-use option that covers everything you need. If that is what you are looking for, Paragon Backup & Recovery is worth considering. Paragon is not developed by Microsoft but it’s perhaps the best backup tool to use on Windows 10.

Paragon Backup & Recovery will protect your data and PC safe from the mundane, hard drive failures and system errors after program updates, to even more worrying threats such as viruses and ransomware. On top of all that, the tools are available as a free trial!

All you need to do with Paragon Backup & Recovery is download the software, and then follow the instructions. You can backup hard drives, partitions, and folders and files with a few clicks of a button.

But even better, you can backup your entire Windows system, which will allow you to recover everything, even in the event that your OS will not work. There are a couple of extra things you need to do to back up your Windows system, but it is still not difficult to do.

Summing Up Backup Software by Microsoft

In my opinion, for the average user looking to backup folders and files, the first two options are the probably the best. If you are looking for something more, Paragon Backup & Recovery is probably the way to go as it requires no special tech skills or knowledge.

Consider what you need, not what the software necessarily does. There is little point in setting up a system with a hundred different features when all you really want to do is back up your family photos and household bills spreadsheets.

As with all software, what is best for you is entirely subjective. Think about what you can use easily and quickly, with little to no training required, and that is probably the best option for you.