12 Optimization Tips – How to Increase WordPress Website Speed

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Learn 12 secrets to drastically speed up your WordPress website!

1 – Web Host Provider

Your web-host provider is one of the most important w

Your web-host provider is one of the factors that may drastically slow down your website. If you chose a cheap web-host then most likely you’re paying for what you get.

Their servers may be old and have a bad connection to the Internet. As a result, your website will be effected.

2 – WordPress Theme

You should avoid using themes that have too many features, such as: plenty of options to change their colors, widgets etc.

They typically have a lot of coding and take longer to load.

Choose one that is more simpler. You could search, “Lightweight WordPress themes” in Google. Afterward, choose one from the websites provides and install it in your website.

3 – Plugins

You should be cautious about the number of plugins you have in your website because:

1. The more you have the slower your website will run
2. Some plugins slow down more than others

Use a plugin such as P3 Profiler to analyze, which ones you should remove.

4 – Disable Pingacks and Trackbacks

This features is no longer popular among bloggers. Also it slows down your website a bit.

5 – Optimize Your Images

You should always optimize your images. You may install a plugin called, “Smush It”. This plugin will optimize all your images at once.

6 – Update WordPress

Always make sure to have the most updates version of WordPress. It comes with improve functionalities that will help the overall performance of your website.

7 – Reduce The Number of Post

Just reduce the number of posts in the front end of your website.

8 – Install W3 Total Cache

You should install this caching plugin. One of the best free ones available. This will greatly improve loading time of WordPress site.

9 – WP Optimize

Each time you make a post revision or don’t remove a plugin properly, it accumulates as trash in your database. This plugin will clear out the unecessary information.

10 – Use Cloudflare

Cloudflare service is pretty good! You should check their website here: http://cloudflare.com

11 – Dependency Minification Plugin

This will gather all your javascript or stylesheet files into one big file. This makes their loading a bit faster.

12 – Minify files

This will turn several files in your website smaller and easier to load up.

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