★How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming★ One Time 2017

this will improve the pc performance for gaming and productivity and will make your pc faster
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1-Ccleaner : https://goo.gl/3vGbN

2-Razer Cortex : https://goo.gl/egMRnq

◉Disabling Unwanted Privacy Settings (Follow me on Video )
◉Disabling Unwanted System Settings
◉Disabling Useless Perosnqlization Settings
◉Adjust Power Options to High Performance
◉Reducing Visual Effects
◉Downloading Ccleaner (Link is up)
◉Downloading Razer Cortex program
◉Unistalling Useless programs and features ( you can do it on ccleaner or from the pc by going to start and search for apps and features
◉Disabling Unwanted Services
✦Here is the list of Services that you have to disable
►AllJoyn Router service
►Downloaded maps manager
►Geolocation service
►all hyper v services
►Microsoft windows SMS router Service
►remote access/Desktop Services
►Touch Keyboard/Handwriting

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